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Ultimate Protection against unauthorized porting

Safeguard your mobile identity and enjoy peace of mind in a digitally connected world. 🌐


Multi-Layered Verification Process

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Our cutting-edge solution, Text Protect, employs a robust multi-layered verification process that goes above and beyond to ensure phone numbers cannot be ported without the rightful owner's consent.

This advanced approach involves multiple checkpoints, including biometric authentication and two-factor authorization, to guarantee the highest level of security. By protecting yourself from identity theft and financial fraud, you'll enjoy the benefits of a connected world without the worry of cyber threats. With Text Protect, you can be confident that your mobile identity is safeguarded by the most advanced technology available.


Get Unlimited Online Coverage, Notifications, and More

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Comprehensive Coverage:

Enable Text Protect on your entire TSG Global inventory of numbers, giving you complete control over your digital assets.

Real-time Notifications:

Stay informed with instant notifications whenever an attempt is made to port any number in your inventory. Take action immediately and keep your mobile identity secure.

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Peace of Mind:

Text Protect fosters peace of mind by defending against potential risks and empowering users to confidently navigate their digital lives.

Ready to take control of your mobile security?

Contact our sales team today and learn more about how Text Protect can safeguard your digital assets!

There's No Risk with Text Protects Satisfaction Guarantee

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As a TSG Global customer, you can get a free risk assessment and best practices training, PLUS all of the features Text Protect offers to start at no additional cost.

And there’s absolutely no risk to joining. Every TSG Global account is backed by our Satisfaction guarantee.

Sign up for any Text Protect today, and if you’re not completely convinced that Text Protect is the right security solution for you, simply let us know during the first 30 days, and we will remove the feature, no questions asked.