10DLC: What You Need to Know

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TSG Global Can Help You Navigate the 10DLC Waters

TSG Global Can Help You Navigate the 10DLC Waters

The rules around 10DLC* messaging are complex and constantly changing. 

You could try to keep up with the shifting messaging policies.

Or you could let TSG Global navigate the risky messaging waters for you. 

Wireless carriers are implementing new guidelines that require businesses to register their brands. Messaging campaigns will be vetted as a way to protect consumers from SPAM and abusive traffic. 

Registration must be completed by June 1 to avoid severe financial penalties as well as blocking and/or message filtering designed to protect mobile subscribers. 

10dlc Trust Factor

The Trust Factor

Companies and brands that register their messaging campaign receive a “Risk Assessment Score” or a trust score ranging from high to low. This score determines the volume of messages that companies can send as well as the total surcharges.  

Successfully navigating these new rules is important for any company that wants to increase its message throughput and avoid hefty surcharges. 

*A2P 10DLC enables U.S. businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. A registered 10DLC messaging campaign offers better delivery quality with less risk of being filtered or blocked. 

Do I need to register for 10DLC?

The short and easy answer is YES.

How Can TSG Global Help Us With 10DLC? 

Thanks to extensive experience with business text messaging and our deep industry connections, TSG Global can help businesses comply with the changing policies around 10DLC. 

TSG Global is actively working with The Campaign Registry (TCR) and other stakeholders to provide its clients with the easiest and most efficient way to register their brands and campaigns. Thanks to our deep industry knowledge and strong working relationships, we can help our clients save time and money. 

Our expert and agile team provides enterprise-grade solutions, bridging the many gaps between carriers and enterprises that use messaging as a key communications tool. 

What’s The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a reputation authority for business messaging on 10-digit telephone numbers (10DLC). TCR enables SMS messaging service providers such as TSG Global (called Campaign Service Providers or CSPs) to register 10DLC SMS campaigns on behalf of their customers. 

The move to 10DLC is designed to protect consumers from spam and phishing messages.  Carriers are requiring transparency into message content and the type and purpose of the messaging campaign. Wireless carriers will no longer support unsanctioned A2P long code messaging.

After registering a campaign with TCR, CSPs such as TSG Global work with their connectivity partners to activate the campaign, enabling their customers to send messages to end-users.

Let TSG Global do the work for you by providing the information necessary for TCR to perform basic cybersecurity and identity checks

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What Information is Required?

When registering new campaigns, companies must provide information to validate their brand identity, industry vertical, campaign type and CSP. 

In addition, they must explain how the messaging will be used (e.g., alerts, two-factor authentication, marketing). Additional information and/or third-party vetting may be required for special campaign types such as political and charity campaigns and emergency services..

Once the company and or brand is authenticated, TCR issues a Campaign ID number that’s provided to the CSP for use with the registered campaign. 

Need Help with 10DLC?

In short, TSG Global guides enterprises through the complex process, ensuring that all requirements to register a 10DLC campaign have been met. Click below to schedule a one-on-one with our 10DLC experts today.