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Messaging on the right track

It’s How Customers Want to Connect

Text messaging for businesses isn’t a fad; it’s here to stay.

Surveys show that 85 percent of customers would rather text than call your business with simple issues and questions.

But there are also risks, which is why we developed Text Protect and offer high-level, hands-on consultation.

The First to Text-Enable Landline Numbers

While TSG Global was among the first to text enable business numbers in 2007, we didn’t stop there! We are helping companies carefully navigate the rails of campaign management and all the intricacies of business text messaging.

So when you’re ready to make the most out of this essential business medium, we’ll guide you down the line and create a customized text messaging solution for your business.

There’s no time like right now. For every day you wait, you could reap huge benefits such as:

  • Reduce costs by 30 percent over other customer service channels 
  • Provide quick responses with accurate customer data
  • Answer commonly asked questions instantly
  • Remove customer friction and frustration

Short Codes, Long Codes. SMS, MMS. We Do It All.

Yep. We Can Text-Enable it

We can text-enable your Toll-Free Numbers and/or your local business numbers. We work with both short codes and long codes (10 DLC). We support both A2P (Application to Person) messaging, usually used by enterprises – and P2P (Person to Person) messaging, usually used by consumers.

Get both SMS and MMS

We support both SMS (Simple Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) for sending and receiving photos and animated GIFs on all of your numbers. You can even send long texts – up to 2,000 characters – in a single MMS text message.

Options & More Options

We offer a one-stop-shop, complete with a custom-designed messaging strategy and full-service solution. You get the benefit of volume discount (co-op) pricing with full transparency of all applicable operator surcharges and registry fees.

Already Have a

Messaging Platform?

If you already have a messaging platform, you can pick and choose from the above options and a host of other features:

  • One-Way or Two-Way Delivery and/or Bulk Outbound Messaging: For making widespread bulk announcements
  • Communicate with OTT (Over The Top) providers
  • Reliable MMS Delivery: We work with the largest carrier networks; Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and other U.S. and Canadian carriers
  • API Interface with our easy-to-use JSON API or through the industry standard MM4 protocol

If You’re Not Texting, You’re Missing Customers.

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Exclusive Features

We offer several best practice text messaging solutions unique to TSG:

  • Unique Security Protocols: The best in the industry, using the proprietary, unique Text Protect®  solution
  • Time-of-Day Protocols: Prevents being labeled SPAM when messages are only sent during business hours