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Voice origination & termination

Telecom Expense Management – Just the Start of a Great Relationship

Others may offer simple Telecom Expense Management. Or just employee assistance. They say welcome and good luck and send you to the back of the train. 

What makes us different is that we offer expertise – the expertise you need to get the expenses for all your communications channels back on track. 

People Power Makes All The Difference

If you’re not a telecom expert, you need a trusted partner. A partner like TSG Global who can guide you down the right track. A partner who can quickly solve your issues and prepare you to scale as your business grows.  

Of course, we can manage the full range of voice services – local numbers, Toll Free, international Toll Free, International local numbers; voice termination (or outbound voice); IP connective (public Internet, private Internet, Cloud connectivity). We also offer APIs for ordering and managing numbers, and a whole lot more to make life a whole lot easier. 

Our people have years of telecom expertise who will guide you in developing a custom-made telecom strategy. We manage the vendors, the telecom expense management and the transport. We give you a seat in the dining car and provide everything you need for the journey to ensure the highest level of success.

Choose a rock-steady partner who can help you find a technology solution that works.

Choose TSG.

"Don’t be fooled by traditional carrier commitments and contracts that lock you into their book of business."

As a member of our co-op, enjoy pricing that’s based on our large telecom community. Ours is a different kind of model – one where there’s NO contracts, NO commitments and NO strings attached!

Quality of service is our commitment to you. We won’t lock you into extended contract terms and spend commitments. Take advantage of the co-op pricing we’ve negotiated and use our unique software in a custom-designed solution that fits your needs.

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