Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for TSG Global Phone Numbers Enabled For SMS

This is an SMS Service (Short Messaging Service). If you have any questions or concerns about your SMS messages and how to send or receive them, please use our company information below to contact us for additional information.

Are there any additional carrier charges associated with the service?

There is no additional charge for this service. Standard message and data rates may apply to all text messages. In other words, when you use our text message services, the only cost to you is whatever your wireless provider charges you to send and receive text messages. Message rates differ from carrier to carrier, so please contact your wireless phone service provider to inquire about the details of your plan.

How do I get helpful information from the message service?

Text the word HELP to the phone number you received the message from at any time to receive customer support information.

How do I discontinue receiving SMS messages?

Simply text the word STOP to the phone number you received the SMS message from if you do not wish to receive text messages from us in the future. You may also stop receiving messages by texting any of the following words QUIT, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or ARRET. Our SMS service supports a block list, which ensures that any attempted messages to your number will be blocked.

Do I need to provide consent to use your messaging service?

For information about opting in to this service, please contact customer support using the information provided below.

What is the privacy policy for this messaging service?

Protection of Information
Any information submitted by the mobile user for text messaging purposes will remain the property of the mobile user. We will not sell or rent the information provided by you to us. We will at no time collect or redistribute this information without your consent, except where legally required to do so by law/court order.

Retention of Data
We will retain the text message information and mobile number for at least 6 years to comply with data retention laws.

Who do I contact for help?
Contact TSG Global Inc at 16175004100