Can Blockchain Technology Protect Seniors from Cyberscammers?

Noah Rafalko

Did you hear the one about the 80-year-old Pennsylvania woman who paid $25,000 in taxes on lottery winnings for a lottery that never existed? Or the senior who lost $250,000 to psychic scams?

How about the concerned grandpa who posted bail money for his grandson who was never arrested?

All these frauds began with a telephone call from a scammer.

Scams of all types and sizes —disguised as romance, tech support, lottery and sweepstakes, government impersonation, and plain old extortion — are victimizing thousands of innocent victims, and our grandparents are prime targets.

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Noah Rafalko

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A communications visionary for over 20 years, Noah Rafalko is the founder and CEO of TSG Global, Inc., which provides voice, messaging, and identity management services for SaaS companies, and large enterprises.