TSG Global Named a Finalist for Best of Enterprise Connect

Boston, MA, Sept. 1, 2021 – TSG Global, Inc. has been named a finalist in the overall Best of Enterprise Connect 2021, which is holding its annual conference Sept. 27-29 in Orlando. Past winners include Microsoft Teams and other major players that are recognized for excellence and innovation in enterprise communications.

TSG Global unbundles the complex array of communications services to create a telecom strategy and portfolio of services based on each client’s unique needs. With accessible telecom consultants who manage every aspect of communications, TSG Global clients enjoy simple APIs and easy access to their communications channels and vendors.

Noah Rafalko, CEO, Shane Unfred, head of business development and other telecom consultants from TSG Global will be available at TSG Global’s booth to advise enterprise representatives who are concerned or confused about commercial text messaging (10DLC), STIR/SHAKEN or any of the new regulations designed to address telecom fraud.

At this year’s conference, TSG Global will be launching the availability of the unique blockchain solution TNID (Telephone Number ID). This solution enables TSG clients to build the record and own the data for every one of their Toll-Free and local phone numbers. Thus, TSG clients can more easily deliver trusted consensual communications – without consuming precious development cycles.

TNID addresses the root cause behind telecom fraud, spamming and robocalls. In today’s centralized systems, there’s no efficient way to share and attest to the legitimate telephone number subscriber’s identity. Data associated with telephone numbers are held in disparate, centralized databases that don’t talk with each other.

“While the U.S. government recently passed STIR/SHAKEN legislation to combat fraud and robocalls, we believe this solution fails to address the root cause of the problem,” said Noah Rafalko, TSG Global CEO. “The real solution lies within blockchain technology.”

Rafalko said TNID makes the sorely-needed paradigm shift toward using shared software to solve problems experienced by nearly every enterprise, service provider and participant within the chain of custody.

“TNID provides a future-proof solution to these major identity management issues,” Rafalko said. “In short, TNID delivers communications at the speed of trust for all legitimate holders of local and Toll-Free telephone numbers as well as IOT devices.”


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TSG Global brings decades of experience in educating, designing, migrating and deploying the latest vetted communications technologies necessary for today’s successful enterprises. With a laser focus on clients’ needs, TSG Global unbundles the complex array of communications services and reassemble them in a portfolio that’s custom built for each and every client based on their unique needs.

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Enterprise Connect has been the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise communications and collaboration in North America for over 30 years. This annual conference brings corporate IT decision makers together with industry vendors, channel partners, analysts and consultants to discuss the latest systems, software, services and applications for enterprise communications.

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