Government Robocall Action Declared a Failure: What’s Next?

Noah Rafalko

And the robocalls keep on coming.

The STIR/SHAKEN legislation enacted last year that was supposed to save Americans from a pandemic of obnoxious robocalls has officially been declared a failure. Apparently, giving the government mandate a catchy name that evokes images of a spy and his martini wasn’t enough to keep rogue telemarketers and tricksters at bay for very long.

Robocalls have returned to the same level as where they were just before STIR/SHAKEN was launched according to new data from YouMail, an anti-robocalling software leader. They estimate that U.S. residents received 4.4 billion robocalls in March 2022, roughly the same number as in June 2021 when STIR/SHAKEN went into effect.

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Noah Rafalko

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